Candy Connections Cares

Youth Entrepreneur- Pop-up Shops 

returning in 2018, 4th Saturday of every month!

What are pop-up shops?

Temporary retail spaces that sell merchandise of any kind. Pop-up shops at Candy Connections are unique because youth entrepreneurs create all of the merchandise featured; some as young as 6!

Why pop-up shops at Candy Connections?

Candy Connections has a unique space that we like to call our “Candy Lounge”. Typically space is used for birthday parties and meetings, but once a month we turn it into a mini-market with unique items and brands developed by some creative and bold young people.

Why we support youth?

Both owners agree that everything they’ve accomplished is because someone believed in them, provided support, direction and set high expectations when they were children. One of the couples favorite quote is “Don’t quit your Day Dream”. It is important to the couple that young people believe their dreams can become reality when put into action.