Raise Funds with US

Lets’s face it, small businesses are approached daily with request to support local causes. It may even be fair to assume that small businesses have a vested interest in its community members which make thme a great resource for in-kind and financial giving. Unlike big box stores, small businesses also have a lot less bureaucracy, paper work, and an unusually quick turnaround time for request.

One thing is true, Candy Connections is committed to their community and we want to connect with you as much as possible. The harsh reality however is that we are small business and as much as we love to support, we need your support to remain an operating and sustainable business.

Schools, church groups, non-profit organizations, and people rallying together for a mission, the options below, are for you!

Help us, help you.

Connection #1: Let us host our cotton candy cart, Italian ice car or pop-corn machine at your event. We will set-up and serve for free. Afterwards we will donate %20 of our proceeds to your group!

Connection #2: Pick a day, and 10% of every purchase made by a customer who mentions your group will be donated.

Connection #3: Host an in-store private party for up to 20 guests. 10% of your guest purchases will be donated.

Raise Funds with Us!

If you'd like to raise funds with us, leave us your information and we will get to you as soon as possible!